We’d been working with ‘the beauty of suffering’ for awhile, having made several films about it over the last few years.  But we’d never heard it put into words, and that had made it a slippery thing to talk about.  So when they said it out loud, we nearly stopped the cameras – oh of course that’s it!

They’re the sorts of folks that remind us never to presume what goes on behind the picket fence.  They’re also most unassuming and un-flamboyant about their kink.  It’s thrown in amongst all of the rest of the ways they relate to the world.  First the ecstasy, then the laundry.  Or, if that’s the way the week has gone, the other way ’round.

They offer a few hard truths to LOVE HARD: nothing is perfect, nor is it permanent.  Suffering isn’t always unfavorable.  And we always hurt the ones we love.