A love so palpable that even from a distance you can feel its pulse.  We found them first in pixels, their words and images a fragmented reflection of the dense text of their connection.  We were curious about the ways in which they constructed and then de-constructed themselves.  It was quite…thorough.  They didn’t just flirt with danger or brutality – they dove into it, joyfully, hands and hearts entwined.  She is given to deep sea exploration – she’s made a life of it.  He’s an ocean.

They play hard.  Digging subdermally, visercally, clawing and scratching until the inside is out.  Appropriating the found environment for their own purposes, inviting the stuff of the earth into their intimacy.  Sticks and stones, kicks and groans.  It’s not easy being broken.  But it’s effective; maybe necessary.

They push the possibilities for SM’s functionings beyond our imagingings with intelligence, love, and presence.  And an approachability, a welcoming, and a sense of humour that was so utterly pleasurable, facile even, that after a weekend swept up in their love, the comedown was rough.  We dropped a bit.  And we weren’t the ones who’d been wire-brushed.