LOVE HARD wins its first accolade at Fetisch Film Festival, Kiel

We received news last week that LOVE HARD was selected for a ‘Spezialpreis Dokumentarfilm‘ by the jury at 7. Fetisch Filmfestival in Kiel, Germany.  This is our very first accolade and we’re grateful to be acknowledged by our kinky peers.  We especially love that our work is being recognised alongside Erika Lust and Sweetfemdom‘s „Sissy Ass Slut for Ashley Fires“.  Erotic film festivals are incredibly democratic in this way, crossing levels of culture to feature diverse manifestations of erotic film audiences and producers.

We know that LOVE HARD will find its way with relative ease through the erotic and BDSM film festival circuit, as these audiences and organisers tend to be on board with these more ‘fringe’ subjects – kink, BDSM, the combination of aggression and playfulness and eroticism that the mainstream is still trying to figure its way through.  The real test, for us, will be to see how the film is received at documentary and other independent film festivals throughout the world.  Over the last month, in addition to attempting to recover from 6 screenings in 3 countries over a period of 3 weeks, we have been busy researching and submitting to film festivals in Europe, North America, and Australia.  Feel free to send over a few hot tips if there’s a film festival you think we’d fit into!

We’ll keep you posted here on our progress.  We’ve gotten messages from all over the world responding to the buzz that LOVE HARD has created, and we’re hoping to see that ripple on through 2015.


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