Take me somewhere beautiful.

High on a clifftop among boulders and bracken they make the world infinite again, dissolving borders between themselves and the environment, spilling blood and tears and words and blows.  Set against the backdrop of Ivan’s own recollection of the experience as spoken by Charlie, they offer a window into an immersive SM practice that is unabashedly visceral and perhaps meta/physical.

LOVE HARD is bookended by imagery from ‘Mien’, and it is perhaps one of the most intense films we’ve made – which of course is in the eye of the beholder.  But it expresses exactly that we want to see in depictions of intimacy on screen: rawness, connection, the suspension of timespace, and the syncopated rhythms of hearts felt.

Featuring Ivan and Charlie.

‘Mien’ is available to stream or download by VOD, alone or as part of a 5-film series.  If you are interested in screening ‘Mien’, please contact us.

Technical Information:
Year of Production: 2014
Duration: 17 minutes
Aspect Ratio: Full HD (16:9)
Full Colour
Lanugage: English Spoken

Please find promotional images for ‘Mien’ in our Press Kit.