‘Who are the EvilGirls?’  They say it maniacally, deviously – they’ve heard this question before.  The best way to answer it is to show us.

They’ve pulled out the stops with their own version of Craft Services – a job we should have done ourselves, but they did it better than we ever could have.  Over roast chicken sandwiches on the best local sourdough with Miss Gen’s favourite wasabi chili mustard (the label reads ‘twice the pain…of pleasure!’), the girls tell us the stories behind each lock of hair that she keeps on her shelf, reminders of predicaments she’s so artfully constructed.

They deeply value hospitality, and we feel it on our frazzled interstate journey to spend a day with them.  Georgia and Kathy serve their House and their Mistress seamlessly and gracefully – your empty coffee cup is gone from the table you set it on only a moment before, chairs pulled out just in time for you to fall into them.  Offerings are many and often.  They’ve even picked up our lighting gear for us.  And there’s a nonchalance, a natural-ness to it all that is comfortable, homey.

A ‘family’ in the Leather sense of the word, Miss Gen, Georgia and Kathy blend their respect for old-guard protocol with their rather giddy, child-like excitement at what fun (and welts) you can have with a Smiggle, or demostrating challenging (and compromising) rope suspension positions with a poor innocent toy bunny.  Amongst those who might lament the loss of old guard traditions, we’re refreshed to see the EvilGirls re-interpreting them and relocating them from their original homomasculine context.  Boot service with a shot of girl power.

24/7 D/s can be hard to wrap one’s head around, but when it looks like this, the love, care, and respect it cultivates is demonstrable.