The stars aligned for us on our collaboration with Utopian Crush.  It was a lush experience to have this thoughtful aural response to our imagery, one that fed each team creatively and allowed us to meld our ethereal styles.  There are not so many people who are up for the task of scoring a kink film, and they sat absorbed in the imagery in a way that heartened our expectations for how those outside the kink community would receive the work.

We’d made use of Eff Pan‘s creationings, both solo and in his collaborative outfit /\/\/\O, on some of our previous projects (Taken, Touch, Fertile).  The atmospheres he’s helped to create have deepened our appreciation of the ways in which music can make or break a piece of erotic film.  Naturally he was our first choice for LOVE HARD, and this time he brought along a few friends.

Utopian Crush is a collaboration between Eff Pan and Brad Perkins.  Volleying between Eff’s ambient compositions and Brad’s piano and guitar melodies as starting points,  Eff (and his sonically-reputable cat Elvis) arranges these into a beautifully-melded foundation for LOVE HARD’s words and imagery to speak.  Sparsely punctuated by Fiona Berry on session violin, the soundtrack for LOVE HARD is a work of its own, of which you can avail yourself (and support the musicians!) here.